Hans Kruse Photography Workshops 2013 and 2014.

 All workshops in 2013 are priced for 5 days (4 nights). Hotel (single room) and all meals are included in the workshop fee.

  • Tuscany Phase One PODAS workshop April 21-28 with Hans Kruse and Art Wolfe. Sold out and completed.
  • Tuscany, Italy May 13-17. Description. 1145 Euro. Sold out and completed.
  • Abruzzo, Italy May 27-31. Description. 1195 Euro. Completed.
  • Dolomites West, Italy June 3-7. Description. 1095 Euro. Sold out and completed.
  • Dolomites East, Italy September 9-13. Description. 1195 Euro. Sold out.
  • Dolomites Phase One PODAS workshop September 15-22 with Hans Kruse and Ken Duncan. Sold out.
  • Dolomites West, Italy October 7-11. Description. 1095 Euro. Sold out.
  • Abruzzo, Italy October 21-25. Description. 1195 Euro. Sold out.
  • Tuscany, Italy November 11-15. Description. 1145 Euro. 1 seat available.

 Workshops 2014.

  • Tuscany, Italy May 12-16. Description. 1145 Euro. 5 seats available.
  • Dolomites East May 26-30. Description. 1195 Euro. 7 seats available.
  • Dolomites West, Italy June 2-6. Description. 1145 Euro. 9 seats avalable.
  • Abruzzo and Umbria, Italy June 22-28. Description. 1695 Euro. 8 seats avalable NEW!
  • Dolomites East, Italy September 22-26. Description. 1195 Euro. 9 seat available.
  • Dolomites West, Italy September 29-October 3. Description. 1145 Euro. 3 seats avalable.
  • Abruzzo, Italy October 20-24. Description. 1195 Euro. 9 seats avalable
  • Tuscany, Italy November 10-14. Description. 1145 Euro. 9 seats available.

The flexible 5-7 day workshop program will be continued in 2013 and 2014. The way this works is that the 5 days workshop can be extended at no extra workshop fee including the day before the workshop. If you arrive two or more days before the workshop you can participate the day before the official workshop. The participant choosing the extra days will pay the cost of the hotel and meals directly to the hotel, but no extra workshop fee. On the extra days there will be morning and afternoon shoots, but no fixed workshop room activities. The working room will normally be available on the day before the workshop starts and also on day when the workshop starts in the afternoon. In the past I have made Lightroom tutorials on post processing and will continue to do so based on interest. This has been a popular option for many workshop participants that have the extra time for the extra days and may have traveled far to participate. The workshop schedule maybe changed for various reasons as well as being added to.

Why participate in a photo workshop? Some reasons related to photographic experience is given here.

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